This past January, a team of 16 volunteers traveled to Cambodia to provide medical and dental care to poor people. This mission was inspired by two Charlestown NH Rotarians, named Daniel Caloras, M.D. and Sam Kong. In cooperation with the Phnom Penh Rotary Club, care was provided to 1,300 people. In addition, books and school supplies were given to over 700 students, 1,500 pairs of flip flops were given out, 2,000 bars of soap, 60 canes and 1,000 pairs of reading glasses. 
The goal of this mission is to show the people that we care and to inspire Cambodian students to pursue future acts of kindness. 
For further information, please contact Dan Caloras from the Charlestown NH Rotary Club at 802-356-3795.
Stay tuned for more pictures soon!